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A Real Game

All my life I have always preferred game over books and movies. Gaming isn't just about shooting things and jacking cars, it's about telling a story. This is something Thomas, the creator, obviously understands.

I don't know how it was achieved but, this game really does feel like a coma. If you play even for just three minutes, you will get a seance of who the main character is. You can tell his faults and strengths, fears and joys. I have never played a game in my life that executed the structure of the world you play in so well.

I don't know why, but I love this game. To me the story makes the perfect "least amount of sense" and really adds to the atmosphere. The soundtrack is out of this world as well.

The Author says he put a years work into this, it DEFF shows. Keep up the superb work my friend, you rock!!


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I'll Be Honest

Just to be clear, I'm not trying to be mean in this review, just speaking my mind.

Musically this sounds like a techno song, however....

The computerized instruments you chose sound awful. They make the song very annoying and gross sounding. I would play around with some other VST(i) or music patches. As of now the song only gets a four from me, and that's me trying to be nice about it. I would like to see this track gutted and remixed into what I think you wanted it to be from the get-go.

Good luck,

Angelus 2/5 4/10

Near Perfect

You had a perfect blend of acoustics and electric sounds. The only thing was, for me anyway, was that drums felt to go a little chaotic at times. Overall this track is amazing and I'm sad it was only six minutes! It has that an amazing combo of music to it, from bassy cellos to 1990's hard rock guitar solos, this track is a wonderful journey when listening, and a "story" I won't forget.

Keep up the amazing music and mixing skills,

-Angelus 5/5 9/10

Rottenbeard responds:

Hi Angelus, many thanks for taking the time to review the piece and provide some criticism, i'm glad you enjoyed it overall. There is indeed a story actually behind this track, though I never actually built upon or utilized it, instead staying with a purely instrumental form, but i'm glad to see that it's come through in the music nonetheless.


Symphony Of Emotions

I found this song beacuse it was among some of the "People who listened to this also liked:" in one of my tracks.

I absolutely love this song. The title does indeed fit the atmosphere of the song; "It's A Cold World" Your right, it can be. Your song takes us above and beyond that though. This songs shows us that you can also find the warmth that's in this world. I feel a symphony of emotions inside me when I listen to this; Grief, joy, pain, happiness, sorrow, hope, discomfort, joy. It's all here, all at once.

BenjaminTibbetts, a review below me mentioned "What a journey it is" to listen to this song from beginning to end. He is 100% right. You have redefined what can be done with a trance song. This song has such a story to it.

You ARE inspiration to everyone here on Newgrounds. Keep up the amazing work, your writing real music here. Music that transcends the need for lyrics. It's like leaving a drawing or art piece unamed. So the person can define it's meaning for themselves. You executed this in the form of a song perfectly.


5/5 10/10

I would be homered if you checked out some of my music here as well. A

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