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a walk in the park (kjxl9) a walk in the park (kjxl9)

Rated 2 / 5 stars

I'll Be Honest

Just to be clear, I'm not trying to be mean in this review, just speaking my mind.

Musically this sounds like a techno song, however....

The computerized instruments you chose sound awful. They make the song very annoying and gross sounding. I would play around with some other VST(i) or music patches. As of now the song only gets a four from me, and that's me trying to be nice about it. I would like to see this track gutted and remixed into what I think you wanted it to be from the get-go.

Good luck,

Angelus 2/5 4/10

Come Red Tide Come Red Tide

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Near Perfect

You had a perfect blend of acoustics and electric sounds. The only thing was, for me anyway, was that drums felt to go a little chaotic at times. Overall this track is amazing and I'm sad it was only six minutes! It has that an amazing combo of music to it, from bassy cellos to 1990's hard rock guitar solos, this track is a wonderful journey when listening, and a "story" I won't forget.

Keep up the amazing music and mixing skills,

-Angelus 5/5 9/10

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Rottenbeard responds:

Hi Angelus, many thanks for taking the time to review the piece and provide some criticism, i'm glad you enjoyed it overall. There is indeed a story actually behind this track, though I never actually built upon or utilized it, instead staying with a purely instrumental form, but i'm glad to see that it's come through in the music nonetheless.


-Its a Cold World- -Its a Cold World-

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Symphony Of Emotions

I found this song beacuse it was among some of the "People who listened to this also liked:" in one of my tracks.

I absolutely love this song. The title does indeed fit the atmosphere of the song; "It's A Cold World" Your right, it can be. Your song takes us above and beyond that though. This songs shows us that you can also find the warmth that's in this world. I feel a symphony of emotions inside me when I listen to this; Grief, joy, pain, happiness, sorrow, hope, discomfort, joy. It's all here, all at once.

BenjaminTibbetts, a review below me mentioned "What a journey it is" to listen to this song from beginning to end. He is 100% right. You have redefined what can be done with a trance song. This song has such a story to it.

You ARE inspiration to everyone here on Newgrounds. Keep up the amazing work, your writing real music here. Music that transcends the need for lyrics. It's like leaving a drawing or art piece unamed. So the person can define it's meaning for themselves. You executed this in the form of a song perfectly.


5/5 10/10

I would be homered if you checked out some of my music here as well. A

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Secret Smile Secret Smile

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Technically Good

Well, this song was perfect from a technical standpoint. It was produced, composed, and performed very well. However...

It feels very tight to me. It sounds like you are singing a "soulful" song but not in a soulful way. I hope that makes sense...

I life the way that main percussive string is very repetitive but you work a lot of other elements into it and it doesn't get annoying. I must give you your props, you did and amazing job making your one voice sound like a choir-like-feel by layering multiple tracks, great use of vocal effects. Keep up the great work! Your really talented!!

-Angelus 5/5 9/10

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broosree responds:

Thanks for the thoughtful review! This is one of my older songs and my brother (who is also a musician) has given me that criticism before. I've tried to add a little more 'soul' in my recent stuff so I hope you'll check back in as I post newer songs.

Thanks again.

Safe For Now Safe For Now

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very Silent Hill

This sound just like a silent hill piece, good job sir!! There is a pad you use very softly that sounds like someone screaming with a lot of breathy-ness. It's very creepy indeed. Keep up the good work and I hope to see more from you,

-Angelus 455 8/10

Skyward (Work in Progress) Skyward (Work in Progress)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

To Many Effects

At the end/middle of the song you used to much effects in my opinion. Either that or the instrument you chose is just to "full" for the song. All in all it's an ok listen, but there isn't anything to distinguish it from other trance stuff here on ng. I think you have some work to do, but your getting by ok ;)

-Angelus 4/5 7/10

p0larus responds:

Thanks for your opinion! Maybe I'll tone it down just a bit and probably add something more unique to separate it from the crowd. I'll take your suggestions in consideration.

8-Bit Picnic 8-Bit Picnic

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I like this chip tune, it's a tad repetitive, but it feels like a good song for a simple platformer. Well done sir! Keep it up!

-Angelus 5/5 9/10

CometGoat responds:

Thank you, I shall make the effort. :)

(Dust) (Dust)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Love The Message

This is a well played song, and your getting better and better with singing, although this time you were flat a lot rather than just generally off key. Your working on it though, I can tell ;)

"Sweet Dreams are followed by dust."

This makes me think of any time that was "sweet" not only a dream. That classic phrase "Everything eventually turns to ash" It's horrifying and comforting, to know that nothing really lasts. It's bad beacuse all good things must come to an end, but it's good because it's a whole Jin Jang thing, all bad things must come to an end as well.

Well done sir, I feel like crying, but in a good way.


5/5 9/10 (9 because your last song was just so amazing, but you still get a 5)

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Linktrx responds:

"We all gotta wake up sometime..." its a theme that has definitely done before but im glad it means something to you, it sure does to me.

I have been working on the voice a lot, trying to find the right tone, range etc. glad to know im hittin right sometimes!.

Thanks for the review as always :)

...oh and you gave me a 10 anyway so i thank you haha

(Long Distance) (Long Distance)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A Piece Of YOU

Amazing work my friend. Great as always! This song really feels like a "piece of you" I like it a lot. I would have liked o hear more of the soloing guitar, but I can't complain, you used it really nicely as a bridge. Man, the song has played through three times, and I'm just soaking in it's greatness. I know this isn't a long review but it's taken me about seven minutes to write this, I hope you catch where I'm going with that ;)

I can't weait to see you on TV in like two to four years and be able to say "I know that guy!!"

Keep it up man, our awesome!!

-Angelus 5/5 10/10

------ You just set a new standard for purely acoustic stuff here on newgrounds.

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Linktrx responds:

Thanks man i'm glad you enjoyed it so much! The solo was a little rough for me just because i couldn't get the tone of the electric just right, which contributed to its shortness.

Thanks for all the encouragement. Keep listening!

(Conscience) (Conscience)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

NIN Meets 1932

Overall I like this, but it feels very sloppy. There is an amazing musical idea hidden in here. It's very interesting. To me, it sounds like Nine Inch Nails meets the 1930's. Like that movie "O' Brother Where Art Though"

I really look forward to a version of this with cleaner guitar and vocals. I know from some of your other stuff you CAN sing better than this. I think was just rushed a bit.

All in all, I'll stick to what I keep saying about you, your a talented musician and have great potential. How you use that potential is all up to you, but I see good in your music.

4/5 8/10


Linktrx responds:

Yeah it was supposed to be cut dry, one track sort of deal. Basically no real production but a one cut simple as it gets piece i guess. i probably shouldn't have dragged it out in the open but oh well haha glad you could enjoy it somewhat! Thanks for the review, faith, and encouragement man.